Notification Period:
20 December 2020

This is to inform the general public of Trongsa that, following the Covid19 positive case in Thimphu and subsequent lockdown in Thimphu, the Dzongkhag Covid19 Task Force would like to inform all those who have traveled from Thimphu to Trongsa from December 07, 2020 onwards to kindly contact the surveillance team at 17763074/17771929 or visit the nearest Flu clinic located in Trongsa Hospital and Dangdung BHU immediately. Further, anyone having mild to severe flu or flu-like symptoms are also requested to visit Flu Clinic immediately.


The DC19TF would also like to remind all the general public of Trongsa to Practice proper hand hygiene and cough etiquette at all times and use face masks and maintain physical distance. Please avoid unnecessary travels

Let us work towards breaking the chain of transmission.

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