Notification Period:
20 December 2020

This is to notify the general public that a 25-year old female who visited a flu clinic at JDWNRH with symptoms, tested positive for Covid19 yesterday. It was reconfirmed early today. A primary contact of the positive case has reached Trongsa and traveled to Eusa and Bubja yesterday night. While the surveillance team is conducting the secondary contact tracing, the Dzongkhag Covid19 Task Force would like to notify the general public that:

  1. Since the primary contact has visited Bubja and Eusa, there will be inter-movement restriction within Dragten Gewog, particularly Bubja, Eusa, Tashidenka and Taktse. 
  2. All public to avoid unnecessary movement from Gewogs to Trongsa Town and particularly to Dragten Gewog till further notice. 
  3. All public to refrain from any social gatherings and be informed to keep social distancing and follow standard safety protocols.
  4. Desuup to monitor the movement of public in Bubja, Eusa, Tashidenka and Taktse.
  5. People residing in Trongsa Throm to be vigilant and refrain from moving out of the home. 
  6. The Secondary contacts (community of bubja and Eusa) to stay at home quarantine till further notice.

 The Dzongkhag C19 Task Force would like to inform Desuup to strictly monitor the movement of people in the aforementioned places and request the general public to render necessary support.

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