Vision:  Establishment of vibrant democracy in the Country/Dzongkhag.


  • Conduct free and fair elections

  • Create full awareness on electoral processes and promote democratic values

  • Educate all sections of society on democracy and elections.

Dzongkhag Election website :


1. Conduct free and fair elections:

  • Prepare error-free electoral rolls and issue VPICs.

  • Conduct voter and electoral education prior to elections.

  • Establish Election Dispute Settlement Body to settle electoral disputes during election period.

  • Conduct training and Refresher Course for government officials to become election officers during elections.

  • Establishment Office of the Returning Officers in the respective Constituencies.

  • Backstop Election Coordinators, Returning Officers, Observers, Presiding and Polling Officials during election period.

2. Voter’s Legal Documents:

  • Electoral Rolls, Voter Photo Identity Cards, Citizenship Identity Cards.

  • Verify and update voter’s data in Electoral Roll (with reference to census transfers, death cases and religious personnel) in collaboration with Census Section and Gewog Administration.

  • Ensure all the candidates and voters are issued VPIC with correct information in it.

  • To take claims and objections from the candidates and voters and incorporate changes as per law.


3. Election Advertisement Board:

  • To maintain and erect advertisement board in required public places so that candidates/voters/public can view electoral information and important election advisories.


4. Delimitation:

  • Delimitation is done every 10 years and its hearing with the public is carried out before finalization of delimitation.

  • To create conducive/centrally located Polling Station for the voters to cast their franchise.


5. Election Materials:

  • To maintain and keep record of all election materials.

  • To store Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and ballot boxes in the safe and secured manner.

  • To make use of all election materials efficiently as and when necessary.


6. Objectives:

  • To facilitate voters to make informed choice and elect a right candidate for the right job.

  • To create full awareness and educate electorates on voting procedures, electoral processes and democratic principles.

  • To promote and maintain healthy democratic values and practices in the society.

  • To create conducive voting environment.

  • To minimize, if not eradicate electoral disputes during election period.


The Qualification and Disqualification as Voter to any elections

A.    Qualifications:

Every person who is a citizen of Bhutan as evidenced by a citizenship identity card shall be entitled to be registered as a voter for a constituency, if such a person is:


(a) Not younger than eighteen years of age on the qualifying date as specified by the Election


(b) Registered in the civil registry of the Government pertaining to that constituency and having his/her Gung or Mitsi in that place for not less than one year before the qualifying date; and

(c) Not otherwise disqualified from voting under this Act or any other law in force in Bhutan.


B.     Disqualifications:

A person shall be disqualified for registration in the Electoral Roll of a constituency, if such a person is:


(a) Not a citizen of Bhutan;

(b) Of unsound mind and stands so declared by a competent Court; or

(c) For the time being disqualified from voting under this Act or any other law in force in Bhutan.

The Qualification and Disqualification as Candidates to any elections

A.    Qualifications:

A person shall be qualified to be Candidates, if he/she:


(a) Is a citizen of Bhutan as evidenced by the citizenship identity card;

(b) Is a registered voter of that constituency;

(c) Is of the minimum age of twenty five- years and not more than maximum age of sixty-five years at the time of filing the nomination; and

(d) Possesses a formal university degree (only in case of National Assembly, National Council and Thrompon elections).


B.     Disqualifications:

A person shall be disqualified as a candidate or a member holding an elective office under the Constitution, if he/she:


(a) Has been convicted for any criminal offence and sentenced to imprisonment;

(b) Has been found guilty of corrupt practice at an election;

(c) Has been dismissed or removed from public service or the corporate sector;

(d) Has failed to lodge account of election expenses within the time and in the manner required by law and has no good reason or justification for the failure;

(e) Has solicited or resorted to any form of fund raising for campaigning in an election to Parliament or Local Governments from private individuals or any agency.

(f) Is married to a person who is not a citizen of Bhutan;

(g) Has been accused of felony in a pending case and the competent Court has taken cognisance and charges have been framed against him/her;

(h) Is in arrears of taxes or other dues to government;

(i) Has an existing contract with the government which has not been fully performed;

(j) Is working as a civil servant;

(k) Holds any office of profit; and

(l) Is so disqualified under this Act.

Major Planned Activities:

  • National Council Elections 2018

  • National Assembly Elections 2018