Culture looks beyond machinery, culture hates hatred; culture has one great passion – the passion for sweetness and light.- Mathew Arnold.

The preservation of culture and tradition is one of the important pillar of GNH and in dzongkhag level our main mission is to keep alive the traditional arts and crafts, tangible cultural heritages and  other intangible cultural heritages, which indicates the living styles of pure bhutanese with the pace of changing time.

Culture plays important roles in every levels as it is the way human beings look at it, their nature has important implications for the kind of society they build and on the quality of social relationships that they develop which is vitally nurtured by the Culture.

There are a total of 93 Lhakhang in the Dzongkhag, out of which  15 are Govt. Owned, 54 are community owned and 24 are pvt owned as of infrastructure mapping of Bhutan 2008. Most of the Lhakhang requires immediate renovation in order to preserve our age old religious and cultural heritage. It is also not equipped with the theft and fire proof cabinets.

Driglam Namzha is an essential part of our age-old culture and tradition and must continue to preserve it. It is facing serious threat from the ongoing globalization and modernazation. It is a great challange to all the Bhutanese.


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