Comparative Statement for the FY-2021-2022

Attachment Size
suppliers contact number FY-21-22.pdf 73.6 KB
comparative statement for Chadi Item-2021-2022.pdf 1.87 MB
updated comparative statement for food catering services-21-22.pdf 2.83 MB
stationary comparative 2021-2022-min.pdf 4.72 MB
Comparative statement- Electrical items-2021-22-min.pdf 5 MB
Hardware-items-2021-22-min (1).pdf 5.83 MB
Equipments-2021-22.pdf 4.99 MB
Vehicle and Machine hiring-2021-22.pdf 2.24 MB
Funiture items-2021-22.pdf 7.41 MB
VC comparative statement.pdf 6.35 MB

comparative statements for the Financial Year 2020-2021

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supplier of Trongsa Dzongkhag for financial year 2020-2021.pdf 230.69 KB
award-maintenance, spare parts, labour, etc.pdf 320.27 KB
comparative statements-maintenance, spare parts, labour,tyre.pdf 7.48 MB
comparative statements-tyres.pdf 471.97 KB
comparative statements for hiring of machine and vehicle-2020-2021.pdf 1.13 MB
comparative statement for Computers and equipments-2020-2021.pdf 6.29 MB
comparative statements for electrical items-2020-2021 (1) (1).pdf 7.62 MB
comparative statement for stationary items - 2020-2021.pdf 4.36 MB
comparative statements for hardware items-2020-2021.pdf 4.96 MB
coomparative statement for catering services-2020-2021.pdf 398.59 KB
comparative statement chainlink-angleiron-MSFlat-sturt for Nabji korphu_0.pdf 67.8 KB

comparative statement for the financial year 2019-2020

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electrical items-compressed.pdf 855.64 KB
stationery-compressed.pdf 709.24 KB
furniture-compressed.pdf 757.62 KB
Food Catering Services.pdf 1.86 MB
chadi items.pdf 3.53 MB
Tender committee's decision on IT equipment supply.pdf 504.58 KB
Comparartive statement for tonner -sample based selection - 2019- 2020 - Sample base.pdf 99.53 KB
Comparative statement -price based - Price base.pdf 216.1 KB

Comperatative Statement 2018 - 2019

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comparative statement for Catering items 2018-2019.pdf 770.97 KB
Comparative Statement for Chadi & culture items 2018-2019.pdf 958.34 KB
Comparative Statement for computer equipment 2018-2019.pdf 5.27 MB
Comparative Statement for Furniture items 2018-2019.pdf 5.33 MB
Comparative Statement for Hardware items 2018-2019.compressed.pdf 3.51 MB
Comparative Statement for Stationeries & Game items 2018-2019.compressed.pdf 2.52 MB
Comparative Statement for Electrical items 2018-2019.compressed (1).pdf 5.52 MB
Supplier contact list for 2018-2019.pdf 161.69 KB

Comperatative Statement 2017 - 2018

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Catering items for fiscal year 2017-18.pdf 468.31 KB
Comparative Statement for furniture items for fiscal year 2017-18.pdf 4.03 MB
Comparative statement for hardwares item for fiscal year 2017-18.pdf 7.47 MB
comparative statement for maintenance of vehicle spare part and tyres tube.pdf 4.16 MB
Comparative Statment for Office Equipments 2017-18.pdf 6.83 MB
List of Chadi & cultural items for annual quotation 2017-18.pdf 664.83 KB


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