31 July 2018

The 1st group of participants for the 2 Days Action Learning Workshop on MaX: Coaching Skills for Managers was conducted from 30-31 July 2018. The participants were the Dzongkhag Sector Heads and Regional Heads under Trongsa Dzongkhag. It was indeed a privilege to have Dasho SP also attending the ALW.

Remember that as a Manager, you should ensure that you "TALK LESS" and "LISTEN MORE" during the Coaching Conversation with your direct reports. To help you to "Listen More", use the questioning techniques like :
1. Five Why's.
2. So what?
3. Resisting what is..
4. Bucketing ideas
5. Observation
6. Tell me where I'm wrong?
The clearer a manager is at discerning between a thought and a fact, the more objective and effective they are as a coach.