Policy and Planning Division, PPD:

The Policy & Planning Unit of the District Administration, Trongsa act as a direct professional link between the District and the Gross National Happiness Commission Secretariat on matters pertaining to planning and budgetary processes. Besides, the Policy & Planning Unit facilitates and coordinates inter sector and Gewog’s initiatives and programs.

The unit assists in formulation of policies and five-year plans of the LGs, Sectors and facilitates with the central planning body of the government on budgetary matters and any other issues related to the implementation of the planned targets including submission of progress reports. Therefore, the strategy of the Unit is already in line with the vision, mission and mandate of the line ministries and Local Development Division, LDD at Gross National Happiness Commission, GNHC.  

Planning Unit:

The Planning Unit assists the LGs and Sectors on formulation of five-year plans and programs. The DPU also coordinates and facilitates the LGs and Sectors in issues related to timely mobilization of funds for implementation of the planned activities. It acts as the interface between the district and the central planning body of the Government. The Core Functions of Dzongkhag Planning Unit also includes Coordinating and conducting mid-term review meetings and carry out follow up actions on policy recommendations, Carry out review and evaluation of Dzongkhag plans and programs; Lead the monitoring and evaluation teams during the field visits; Initiate and carryout cross sectoral coordination meetings; Undertake correspondence with sectors/dzongkhags related to plan programmes and projects. And DPU is tasked to carryout out necessary research and other studies conducted, as and when required.  Carry out rapid assessment and short research on local emerging issues and recommend policy options that would facilitate, address and debottleneck issues related to local planning and plan implementation.

Monitoring & Evaluation Section: This DPU is responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the planned targets, highlight issues & barriers related to implementation of the plans and programs and monitoring timely update of progress in the Government Performance Management System, GPMS. With reference to the Local Government Rules and Regulation 2012, DPU is responsible for coordinating submission of progress report to the head of the District and Gross National Happiness Commission, GNHC.


The DPU is responsible for formulation of policies, guiding the LGs and sectors in following the policy protocols, screening of policies and coordinating with the Gross National Happiness Commission Secretariat.


Project Focal Unit:

The Project Unit is responsible for coordinating with the Gross National Happiness Commission, Other line ministries, Department and agencies on implementation of priority initiatives of the government under the direct advisory of the Gross National Happiness Commission, GNHC such as the Implementation of Small Development Project, SDP and Project Tied Assistance GoI funded activities. And also supports the implementation of (GCF) Project – ‘Supporting Climate Resilience and Transformational Change in the Agriculture Sector in Bhutan’ and GEF-LDCF/NAPA III projects. The Unit is also responsible for the initiatives such as Improving the Ease of Doing Business, Lead and coordinate initiate Public Private Partnership, Institutional Linkages for enhancing growth of the district.


Additional Job Responsibility:

  • Be the focal point for RAF, Planning Frameworks, GNH, and cross sectoral themes like SDGs, Gender, Poverty etc. 
  • Tourism Focal Person
  • MRG focal person
  • PSL focal person
  • CSO Grant (HELVETAS) Focal Person
  • Steering Committee Member to Local Government Sustainable Development Program (LGSDP)
  • APA Focal Person
  • IRC for APA Evaluation