22 October 2019

Dzongkhag Health Sector Trongsa initiated two days ToT for the Aerobic Exercise enthusiasts from varies organization and institutions within Trongsa. A total of 16 ToTs attended the training. A trained resource person was hired from Tsiring. The main objectives of the initiative are:NCDs being the global burden including Bhutan
1/ All NCDs are preventable
2/ Multi-sectoral approach 
3/ New approach to combat NCDs
4/  Sharing of responsibility
According to WHO, the global burden of NCDs are:
Of 57 million global deaths, 36 million or 63% were due to NCDs Just four NCDs accounts for the majority of all NCDs death: 
1/ CVD with 17 million or 48%,
2/  Cancer with 7.6 million or 21%, 
3/ Chronic respiratory diseases with 4.2 million and 
4/  Diabetes with 1.3 million deaths
As per WHO, the NCDs burden in South-East Asia region
1/ 8 million people die of NCDs each year in the region
2/ 22% of global NCDs death occur in South-East Asia Region
3/ 21% increase in NCDs is projected in the region over the next 10 year

Way forward
The team will further initiate the aerobic exercise in their respective institutions and work station to achieve the common goals.