The four day Annual Tshechu of Trongsa Dzongkhag started today, the monks performed the following mask dance:

  1. Shinjay Mask Dance
  2. Zhanang Mask Dance
  3. Zhanang Ngacham Mask Dance

The Boeth-Champas (Attendants) performed the following dance

  1. Dramey-Tsi Nga Cham
  2. Nyu-ley and Pe-ling Gi-Sum
  3. Kel cham
  4. Pho-ley Mo-ley
  5. Shaw-Gangly Bab-pa and Sha-rop Geom Dorji

Tomorrow the monks will perform Dur-Dag Mask Dance, Ja-Ling Tse-Kor-pa and Tum-ngam Mask Dance. The Boeth-champas will perform Rag-Sha Go-cham and Tag Dha Ma-cham.

More than 2000 people attended the Tshechu today.